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End milling

There are many kinds of end milling. Common milling machines and CNC milling machines can be machined with straight lines, milling centers, machining cavities, cores, and curved surfaces / contours.
The end milling is roughly divided into:
1. flat end milling, milling or rough milling, milling groove, to remove a large number of rough, small area, horizontal plane or contour milling;
2. ball end mill for surface finish milling and fine milling. The knife can be used to finish milling the small chamfer of the steep surface / straight wall.
3. round nose milling cutter has rough surface milling with smaller surface change, less narrow sag area and relatively flat area.
5. forming end milling, including chamfering cutter, T shape end milling or drum type cutter, gear cutter, inner R knife.
6. chamfer knife, chamfer knife shape and chamfer shape are identical, divide into milling circle, chamfer and slant chamfer end milling.
7.T type cutter can be milled with T groove;
8. gear end millings, milling out various tooth types, such as gears.
9. rough skin knife, aiming at the design of Al Cu alloy cutting rough end milling, can be processed rapidly.
End milling are commonly made of two kinds of materials: high speed steel and hard alloy. The latter is the former high hardness, strong cutting force, can improve the speed and feed rate, improve productivity, let the knife is not obvious, and the processing of stainless steel / titanium alloy hard processing materials, but the cost is higher, and easy in cutting force rapidly alternating case.

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