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milling cutter

Rotary milling cutter is a tool used in the grinding of one or more cutter teeth in turn. The margin of each cutting tooth intermittent cutting work pieces grinding and mainly used for processing plane, groove forming step, the cut surface of workpiece and grinding machine. The blade sharp, narrow, cutting back on the wing at an angle the angle is reasonable, the service life is the highest. Sharp cutter teeth, straight back, curved line 3 and straight back; often used in fine form. Each of the curved serrated finishing mills. “The back teeth has a good strength and can bear heavy cutting load. It is often used in the mills. The coarse teeth.
Roughly divided into:
1. Flat cutter grinding, rough grinding, to remove a large number of raw, small space, landscape or grinding contour.
2. Ball end milling, the surface of the semi fine grinding, fine grinding, grinding the small ball end cutter can be completed by the slope of the roof / wall straight drilling, Thelma small, as well as the regularity of the ocean surface.
3. With chamfered flat milling cutter, can rough grinding to remove a lot of rough, but also fine, fine grinding surface (relative to the surface. A sharp, small chamfer.
4. Forming milling cutter, including a cutting chamfering, TV equipment, milling cutter or the internal drum type cutter, cutter, knife.
5. Write off write off knife scar identical shape and form, divided into the grinding chamber, write off write off diagonal milling cutter.
6 – t type cutter can be milled with a t groove.
7. Different types of teeth, such as gears and gear milling cutters.
8. Rough skin knife, aiming at the design of Al Cu alloy in the rough grinding and cutting cutter, and timely treatment.

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