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cutting tool bit

The installation portion of the tool has two kinds: the hollow drilling tool and handle. With sheathed on the spindle and machine tool spindles, and the torque is transmitted by a key the axial end face, such as cylindrical milling cutter and sleeve type face milling cutter.
A cutter handle typically has three aspects: the rectangular shank cylindrical handle general rectangular planer tool taper shank reamer handle; a tapered shank taper axial orientation and the friction torque; cylindrical shank is generally applicable to small twist drill, milling cutter, cutting through the clamping friction force generated when the torque transfer. Many of the stalk cutting tools made of low alloy steel, while the working part is welded with the high speed steel welding part second.
The work is part of the processing tool to generate and the wafer, including a cutting blade chip or break or cut structure of the chip storage space, cut off the fluid channel other structural elements. Some of the work is part of a cutting tool, such as turning, boring, milling cutter, etc.; some of the work tool includes a cutting portion. A calibration part, such as a drill machine taps and the inner surface of the brush cutting position the cutting edge part of wafer is removed with part of calibration. Surface repair composition and a guide device. Of the finest passages.

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