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end mill cutter

Rotary milling cutter is a tool used in the grinding of one or more cutter teeth in turn. The margin of each cutting tooth intermittent cutting work pieces grinding and mainly used for processing plane, groove forming step, the cut surface of workpiece and grinding machine. In order to ensure high enough average chip thickness feeding teeth, a dental cutter suitable process must be designed properly.
The die cutter is the use of machines, punching or forming the mold cavity surface. Mold milling cutter is developed, according to the work of the end mill part of the form that divides into the flat top and conical roller bearing cone ball head, ball three. Alloy steel die cutter is widely used in all kinds of grinding chamber the template, but also can replace the hand file bites the head cleaning ball casting, forging the workpiece and finishing some surface formation. The clip can be arranged. In the air Power tools, production efficiency and durability of the grinding wheel and increase the number of times a file.

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