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great Micro drill

It is known to increase the length and diameter of drilling increased the tendency to bend. The proportion of length to diameter can reduce the flexural strength, thus avoiding bit breakage and the aperture error. Deeper holes require a greater proportion of length and diameter bits. Usually, the pit depth is more than 3 times the diameter of deep hole, and the deep hole drilling, small often exceeds this limit.
Like a drop of 3.175mm processing hole drilling hole diameter to 10-1 31.75mm length and diameter 0.508mm drill hole 25.4mm processing hole diameter ratio of 50: 1. Thus as the drill diameter becomes smaller and bombed the deviation becomes the source of many problems. The fragility of the control bits must be weighed against the tool hardness and toughness the matrix.
In general, high-speed steel drill allows the bending strength and bending elastic deformation, but the corresponding capacity and high speed steel, low hardness, wear resistance is reduced. Alloy steel, thereby reducing tool life. High hardness and high, so it can make the tool life longer, higher precision machining.
Our company drilling production manager Joe kueter pointed out that high wear resistant alloy steel which is made of micro drill is 3 times faster than high speed steel and life can be improved; at the same time, high hardness of the alloy steel is helpful to the correct location of hole size.
The end
Silicon, however, is not omnipotent, and hardness makes it easy to eliminate our field sales engineer, Peter Jones, indicate that the use of M35 cobalt high speed steel small craters can make a good compromise between the cemented carbide of ordinary high speed steel square, M7). “When the cutting heat generated in the pit, along with a rolling, making the cutting edge of a boring hole, and eventually cause damage to the tool.”. The high cobalt content increases. Resistance to thermal M35 maintains a sharp blade for a long time. ”
In addition, the drill steel alloys must be carefully installed and used and the accuracy of concentricity is especially important due to a lateral load caused by misalignment causes the bit to explode.

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