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Machine tool industry

Machine tool industry, with focus on the user and for long term cooperation mechanism of state and       the Ministry and the national energy administration, national and other four ministries of defence. National Science, industry entry together, of China Machine Tool Industry Association, China, operations, military led by the association of organizations, by using this mechanism, has been running for years,   in the promotion. Domestic CNC machine Laly tool and application of improving   in the field of focus by the user, and providing appropriate products   they   needs user   active       played a positive role.
In order to strengthen local, high-end CNC machine tools, in the industry, energy and military other key areas of in application, by the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of information industry); national energy administration,,, the State Administration for science, technology and industry for national defense and advocacy, and support in the years. The last few years, association of industry of Chinese machine tool, and hard   and   by   uncle L, fertilization, and gradually establishing information and forecast on supply and demand system, import machine tool localization, proof system, with the user and practical technical training, and machine and application the location, such as the docking with the work, explore the formation of   associations and the government the   local           interactive supply and demand exceeded the numerical control machine tool, and applied for a long-term cooperative mechanism te te.

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