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Brazed Cutters

Has been developed PCD and carbide brazing tool production technology, to provide customers with more choices and better quality services. Brazing is the use of metal materials than the base metal melting point of the brazing material, the weldment and solder heated to higher than the solder melting point, lower than the base metal melting temperature using liquid solder wetting base material, filling the joint gap and The method of connecting the welding parts with the mutual diffusion of the base material.


Brazing characteristics

(1) brazing heating temperature is low, the joints smooth and smooth, small changes in microstructure and mechanical properties, deformation is small, the workpiece size is accurate.

(2) can be welded dissimilar metals, but also welding dissimilar materials, and the workpiece thickness difference is not strictly limited.

(3) some brazing method can be welded at the same time more welding parts, multi-joint, high productivity.

(4) brazing equipment is simple, less investment in production costs.

(5) joint strength is low, poor heat resistance, and pre-welding requirements of strict, brazing material more expensive.


The scope of application of brazing: brazing is not suitable for general steel structure and heavy load, dynamic loader welding. Mainly used in the manufacture of precision instruments, electrical components, dissimilar metal components and complex sheet structure, such as sandwich components, honeycomb structure, also used in drilling bits, bicycle frame, heat exchanger, duct and various containers, Such as in the manufacture of microwave waveguides, tubes and electronic vacuum devices, brazing or even the only possible connection method. At present, brazing in the machinery, electrical, instrumentation, radio and other departments have been widely used.

And in the production of reamer also used a variety of coatings, combined with advanced technology and equipment, intelligent operation, so that products continue to be optimized, and continuously improve product reliability and cost-effective.

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