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Punches for drilling production

The production of special tools in Calloy also produces drilling holes. Due to the extensive application of punching machine, but also because each customer’s request is different, so although the same with the production of punching machine, but the manufacturers of products also have different focus on the direction, in order to meet the requirements of most customers, Choose to produce products dedicated to the type of hydraulic punching machine.

Hydraulic punching machine for L, H flat steel, copper and aluminum row punching machine. At the end of the design of a flat seat, smooth and easy to shake down. Single hole type oil, mold with high carbon tungsten alloy steel is not easy to break. In particular, split hydraulic punching machine, specifically for angle iron, flat iron, copper and other metal plate perforation, especially for electricity, construction and other industries in the field site operation. At present, about 4,000 holes per minute, according to the level of automation will have a greater difference.


The purpose of the reinforced double-station hydraulic punching machine is mainly used for the processing of connecting plates in power transmission towers, communication towers or steel structures, as well as other machinery industries for punching and punching of flat materials.

Double-position hydraulic punching machine Features:

1) double-station hydraulic punching machine after manual discharge material, automatic punching, playing steel, automatic return material

2) double-bit hydraulic punching machine punching accuracy, improve the yield.

3) double-bit hydraulic punching machine workpiece manual input, you can also read the software generated by lofting CAD graphics. You can transfer artifacts via USB or network; you can display simulation graphics to facilitate checking the program.


After continuous experimental innovation, whether it is the traditional form of perforation or the current hydraulic punching technology, the company has been committed to all aspects of product performance maturity and improvement of its reliability trustworthy.

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