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Various Tools

Calloy enterprises in the field of mechanical tools to explore a wide range, and the process has reached first-class level. In the series of products under the main offensive, but also continue to strengthen the microcrystalline surface carbide, PCD tools, carbides and other products of quality optimization project, through further design and processing, to achieve a variety of metal processing equipment production, so that any form Of the processing can be professional and scientific completion. One metal processing tools are: punching machine, cutting machine.


For the delivery of the basic products can meet customer requirements, and delivery time fast, high production efficiency. For the removal of burrs, finishing welds, surface decontamination, especially for the workpiece surface and edge processing has a high precision requirements of the operation, the customer is not only the challenge to protect the material to prevent damage to the surface, but also to maximize the removal of excess materials The Only this difficult job can reflect the value of the tool.


In the grinding process straight grinding machine with sleek design, it is difficult to polish the location of the ideal workpiece processing options. Slim design and a variety of accessories can be selected to achieve rapid and easy grinding inside and outside the workpiece. Marathon motor maximum output power of 900 watts, no-load speed up to 6000 r / min. The straight mill with a quick chuck, to meet the long-term use of tools, users without any worries.


To extend the life of the various tools, Calloy’s investment in metal forming tools typically exceeds the investment in machine tools to which the tool belongs. In the high-strength steel plate molding process, as long as the selection of the tool material is recited can better reduce costs. Effectively consider the performance and benefits of product investment from the customer’s point of view.

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