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Milling method

There are two ways to feed the workpiece relative to the direction of workpiece and the direction of rotation of the cutter. The first is grinding out. The direction of rotation of the cutter is the same as that of the cutter. At the beginning of the cut...
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The application of tungsten steel milling cutter

In the process of tungsten steel milling cutter, and the tool along the direction of relative rotation of feed properties, which will affect the beginning and the end pieces. The milling cutter (also known as the same direction, and the direction of rotation of the milling cutter) feed...
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end mill for Aerospace Aluminium Alloy

A series of cutting tools is mainly applicable to the processing of aviation aluminum alloy die cast structural parts. It is widely used in the industry of high efficiency aluminum industry the flight, the adoption of very accurate substrate of carbide, high hardness, good wear resistance of matrix....
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